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How does it work?

See how the Aktifi system works

When customers log in to your WiFi through their social media accounts, we’re able to tap into valuable information and provide an enriched view of your customer profile – their demographics and behaviours such as when and how often they visit your venue..This deep customer understanding allows our clients to make evidence based decision making around a number of key business challenges, like customer relationship management and engagement.


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers in 4 easy steps


Customers connect with Your Free Wifi


They will be prompted to login via any social platform


After logging in they will be asked to like your social page


After liking/following they will be able to use free Wifi


One solution to fulfil your marketing requirements


Using social media to improve your social presence is an important part of marketing in today’s society. Our Social WiFi system gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with customers immediately and in real time.

 We know you are tired of managing multiple social media,loyalty and couponing services. Who really has the time? Our hub is the only tool your business will need for your marketing.

  • Customize offers to your customers in real time
  • Helps understand first time and repeat customers
  • Filter your customers both age and gender wise and keep a record of them
  • Incentivize customers to bring in their friends
  • Track your social media growth
  • Provides Email & SMS Marketing Solutions
  • Track the location of your customers in your venue


What just a few of our very happy customers are saying

Since the day we started working with Aktifi there has been a significant increase in our Facebook likes and customer engagement. We feel a lot more confident while communicating with our frequent and loyal customers, and we have now gained even more in-depth knowledge of our customers, helping us tailor offers based on their specific needs.

Salman Zia

CEO of Boulevard Bars and Grills

Aktifi offers an excellent platform to shift our business to the next level. Our customers love the simplicity of connecting for the first time, after which they are automatically connected on their return visit to our venue. The marketing portal has helped us fill our restaurant with customers during off-peak hours, simply by sending discount vouchers to our more loyal customers. A win-win solution for everyone!

Ammad Bin Shabeer

Pind Food Court

Aktifi has helped us to connect to our customers in an automated and effective way, enabling us to offer exclusive discounts to our most loyal customers.
The system has also helped give us a peace of mind since we know we are providing a family-friendly, content-filtered connection, meaning that we are confident of no one visiting any immoral sites.
Finally, the dynamic marketing power of the Aktifi system has helped us increase sales from the first month it was installed, and we have already covered the cost of running the system for the rest of the year! Amazing returns for such a great price, I’m surprised more venues aren’t using it as yet?

Retail Store in Liberty Market, Lahore